About  SkimTime

          Machiraju`s Skimtime is website which is designed for helping budding students and computer programmers to grow themselves in their desired fields & courses of interest without paying single penny.SkimTime is made with zeal making every individual educate themselves who are actually struggling to understand courses or pay huge amounts for local tutors.

           SkimTime is not confined to Studies ,it is a multi purpose website which brings people of same mind set and learning interests , capabilities to one umbrella and share it.Skimtime offers “ a free signup” which helps individual to register himself and enroll through all the options provided by SkimTime.

SKIMTIME : Introduction to SkimTime

Functionalities of  SkimTime :

  • Personal Blog

                             SkimTime is a multi purpose website,After “Registering” everyone gets individual account with username (For example “@user_name”).This account can be used to make articles and submit to website under author name of the username.Also has unique link for blog and even each post.  “In case , learning is not the option user chooses to use SkimTime for ,Personal Blogging is perfect solution for it”.

  • Communication

                                SkimTime has a messaging system and mentioning system inside .Messaging System helps people to “ compose” , “Reply” and also “Share Media” (limited size).Mentioning System helps to increase interactivity and tag a specified person to the Post.

  • Growing Networks and Communities

                                       SkimTime has a Group making system which allows user to make groups ,build communities and develop collectively.Groups are meant to increase productivity of every individual.

  • Learning Management System

                            One of the most important and innovative feature of SkimTime is have a learning management System to access the free courses and enroll them.This feature helps to make people learn things while being online .Searching through many courses finding which suits us best is time taking process .So switch to SkimTime , feel free to learn.

  • HandBook

                             Since SkimTime being a web application ,its easy to open in any browser and refer to the things ,respong and post things,Its like a modern day HandBook.

  • Best Friend :

             Last but not least, SkimTime is a best friend who shares with you ,learns with you,teaches you ,rectifies the mistakes and gives complete support to you.

History of SkimTime:

                         SkimTime is first made as a personal blog by Sandeep Machiraju (Founder of SkimTime ). It was first released on August 24,2017. Initially there are many features like farmers,entertainment,news,cricket news,programming,technology,etc.But later it was completely changed to Computer Science based page. For months SkimTime is down and again it boosting back to new SkimTime we see today.

Origin of SkimTime:

                SkimTime is released on August 24,2017. It was developed by Sandeep Machiraju a student in Computer Science Engineering.

sandeep machirajuSandeep Machiraju

CEO & Founder of Skimtime,

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